Book Review: Best Tent Camping Maryland

tent campingSlapacking in the Australian Blue Mountains; glamping at Lake Langano, New Years Eve on Japan’s Kaseda Beach.  Some of my best memories involve sitting around a bonfire with friends, eating, sleeping and storytelling under the stars. I want to make more camping memories with my family; but I have no idea how to really camp.  Spending more time around the campfire means learning how to tent camp.

When I set out to learn something new,  I go deep — tinkering somewhere between highly engaged and completely obsessed.  Like my grade-school trip to Rock Eagle 4-H Center in Georgia, I need the children’s first tent camping experience to be everything.  My first obsession was figuring out where to camp.  After hours and hours (and hours) of pouring over the many state park websites, selecting the perfect campsite still felt like playing lottery.

In comes Best Tent Camping Maryland, my trusty companion; my loyal friend.  Evan Balkan’s  guidebook features some of the best campgrounds in Maryland, organized by region. Balkan then rates every park’s beauty, security, peacefulness, cleanliness, and privacy while providing a detailed overview of what makes each park special. He offers up tips on the best sites for those concerned lot-size, scenic views, access to trails, boat rentals/launches, proximity to bathrooms, lifeguards, and RV campers. Detailed maps allow you to quickly compare campsites.

I hoarded the public library’s copy for 3 weeks before finally purchasing my own.  That the 2016 edition is due for an update, didn’t stop me from adding it to my shelves.  Sure, I can find some of this information online. But internet research usually tires me out well before I get anywhere near the answer I need.  Best Tent Camping Maryland is concise, comprehensive and efficient.

Now that I’ve checked “find a campsite” off my to-do list it’s time to start obsessing over buying our first tent.  Hours and hours (and hours) of fun.

“The Best Tent Camping” is part of a series, which covers several states and regions across the United States.

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