The Snow Day Rules: Enjoying the Cold Weather When You’re Completely Over it

By late March, most of us are officially over the cold.  We are tired of the weather acting like a tease in a dive bar.  One day she’s warm, inviting and forcing tulips from the ground.  The next day, her cold shoulder breaks hearts without warning nor explanation.  It is a mean thing to do.  Why can’t she be loving all of the time?

On the morning of the spring equinox, the weather reports were calling for heavy snow — much to the delight of the children who now, wouldn’t have to see a classroom for a couple of days.  Despite being annoyed about the pending break in my routine, I knew we probably wouldn’t see snow like this for at least another year. So I decided to make the most of it by following the “snow day rules.” These are rules you should follow when the weather has got you stuck at home.

Rule #1:  Stock up on the essentials. Who needs milk and eggs?  No one. Not only will they spoil if the power goes out, snacks are way more effective at putting you in a good mood when you are tired of the cold weather.

If you have to work from home while everyone else is enjoying a day off, chips and guacamole provide excellent company.  Snacks can be used to bribe fighting, restless kids way better than eggs can.  Unless you plan to paint those eggs or use them in a cookie recipe, don’t bother.

Rule #2:  Give in to the snow.  Don’t let the snow stop you from layering up and getting outside.  The key to not freezing is to start moving and don’t stop.  Dig out your neighbor’s car.  Tie a rope to a clothes basket and drag your kids around.  Play snow frisbee.  Just don’t climb a tree. That’s a terrible idea.  If you don’t have any kids, borrow the neighbors’ . Your neighbor will thank you 10 times, because chances are, they bought milk and eggs instead of snacks. And now they are looking for something to distract their fighting kids. After thawing out, reward yourself by binge watching your favorite series while eating your delicious snacks.

Rule #3:  Plan for spring.  A cold, snowy day is a great time to begin planning for the activities you put aside when the temperature began to drop.  Plant your seeds indoors and watch them sprout under grow lights.  Plan your 10Ks, map your road trips, book your campsites, and get your music concerts lined up.  Start calling your friends and filling in your spring calendar.

The good part about a late season snowfall is that the next 20 degree temperature increase is probably not a tease.  It’s very likely that lady winter has moved on to a different bar. Warmer days will soon be here to stay.


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