Trekking in Wenchi Crater

This weekend the kids and I headed out to Wenchi Crater, located about 120 miles (3 hours) west of Addis Ababa between Ambo and Wolisso. Hands down, this is the most beautiful place I have seen in Ethiopia so far. The road trip alone is gorgeous — mostly teff fields and mud tukuls surrounded by false banana trees (enset), with a sprinkling of small towns along the way. Between the bumps in the road and the flat tire change, I learned that Ethiopia has the most cattle, donkeys, and horses of any other African country and that its cattle population is only second to China in the world. This is mainly because many people still use livestock to plow fields and to do other farm work.

After spending the night in a lodge in Wolisso and riding an hour on a dusty gravel road, we were rewarded with the scenes of a beautiful lake situated beneath majestic hills, all taken in on horseback. The extinct volcano is situated 3300 meters above sea level; so you can imagine the amazing views. We also saw cowboys as young as 6 or 7 years old, riding horses like experts. The children who weren’t climbing the hills on horseback, waved and smiled at us from the side of the road.

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